I’m Going To Fix You

Did you know that the favorite indoor sport of Christians is to try to change each other? And that’s been a major problem in the church for centuries. Too many brothers and sisters in God’s family think like this: “God is clearly pleased with the way I live – but you’re a mess and it’s my responsibility to fix you.” Continue reading

Pay Your Debt

When Paul wrote this letter to the Romans who were living in the capital city of the Empire, probably the thing that was lacking most in Rome was love. The people were under the rule of a military machine and a cruel emperor, and surely they desperately needed to learn how to love and how to display love in the face of the oppression they were experiencing. Continue reading

Be Like Him?

The whole point of this blog, and each of the discussions that are being posted and will be posted herein, is to propose to you that the ultimate goal for our lives is that we are to be like him. It’s that simple. Are we becoming conformed to the image of Jesus Christ? As a follower of Jesus Christ, do I want to: “BE LIKE HIM?”

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What Is The Focus?

Every time I read the first two chapters of First Thessalonians, I am struck by how little Paul talks about the church stuff that followers of Jesus Christ are to be involved in, but how much he talks about the people – both the people that make up the church and the people that helped bring about the church. He is amazed by the people. In the first chapter he describes these believers in glowing terms.

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What About Ministry?

Have you investigated what ministry actually is as far as the Bible is concerned?  In other words, have you spent time in the process of coming to a basic understanding of what the Bible teaches about ministry?  I believe that the Bible teaches us that the starting point of our ministry is God, not human activity.  But how did I come to that conclusion?

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Life Gains Focus

A Biblical Worldview “Out of Focus” … A Case Study:

Sherm Douglas was raised in Oklahoma and educated in Texas. In terms of the Bible belt, his notch in life was near the buckle. His dad was a well-to-do hardware store owner in a suburb of Tulsa. His mom had no need to work but was quite involved in volunteer groups around town.

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Just Do It!

Let’s You And I Agree…

Maybe you didn’t know this, but I’ve attended lots of church services. Quite possibly, I’ve even joined in with your church fellowship a time or two. It recently dawned on me at a workshop I was part of, however, that though I’ve attended many church meetings, been a member of many churches, been a leader in many churches, and been affiliated and connected to many churches, I had glossed over maybe the most basic question about church: “What is it?”

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A “good ol’ boy” Wake-up Call

“Good ol’ boy!” Are you familiar with this phrase?”

It can be used in a sentence like this: “Ah, that Joe, he’ll hog all the coffee at the Gathering breakfasts….but he’s a good ol’ boy.”

Good ol’ boys do us favors. When we’re rushing into AM/PM they open the door for us, sometimes getting a quick “thanks” in return. And if we’re standing in line at Starbucks frustrated by something rattling around in our heads, a good ol’ boy might even jerk his chin and say, “Hey, man, how’s it going?”

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